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Audi Models A3 and A4 Ambient LED Installation


Download Ambient LED Install for Audi Models A3 and A4 THE INSTALL 1. Switch the interior lights to the off position. 2. Remove the transparent main interior light cover by pulling down at the front edge. 3. Pull down from the front and remove the main plastic trim panel 4. Remove the 2 screws that hold the lighting panel in the roof. 5. Removed the lighting panel from the roof by pulling down from the edge closest to the windscreen. 6. Insert the cables from the Ambient LED through the rectangular hole and clip the LED housing into place. (It will only clip in one way) 7. Route the cables through the 2 cable clamps and around the edge of the screw holders into the spade connector’s. 8. Slot the Lighting holder back into the roof panel in the reverse order to how you removed it and screw it back into place. 9. Now comes the difficult bit. There are different types of plastic cover for the interior light. Some have guide marks for where the holes need to be drilled and some don’t. 10. If your panel doesn’t have guide holes stick a piece of masking tape onto the inside of the panel as shown below. Otherwise go to step 14. 11. Take a ruler and measure across the top of the panel as show below. The panel should measure 180mm across. 12. Mark to points on the masking tape, one at 80mm and one at 100mm and mark a line across the tape that is exactly in line with the 2 plastic guide clips. 13. Make sure that you have the panel well supported and resting on a surface that will not scratch the plastic.