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Audi TT 8J Roadster Comfort Module Installation Instructions


Download Before installation: Please read these instructions carefully and take your time with the installation. Performing the installation improperly can cause damage to the module or to electronic components in your vehicle. Claims cannot be asserted for consequences which arise out of disregard for these installation instructions. If you are not confident in doing the installation yourself, please obtain the services of a vehicle specialist. The module’s functional scope and operation: • Tap function for the top’s switch: Now you need only to tap (>2s) with your finger on the convertible top switch, then the top will automatically open or close. This automatic operation can be interrupted at any time by simply tapping on the switch again in the opposite direction. When the top switch is tapped again in the same direction while the roof moves, the windows will stay open at the end of the roof movement. You can start the top’s operation, pull out the ignition key, get out of the car and lock it – the top will continue to automatically close or open without the ignition. • Operating the top while driving up to a speed of 60 km/h maximum: The speed limit for top operation is set to 60Km/h. • Operating the top per OEM remote control: Press the open switch on the remote control >3s and the top will open automatically. Closing the top works in the same way except that the close button on the remote control is used. As a safety precaution, opening the top can be terminated with the close button or closing the top can be terminated with the open button.