Home Auto Repair 2002-2008 Cadillac Escalade EXT 3 Round Step Bars Installation

2002-2008 Cadillac Escalade EXT 3 Round Step Bars Installation


Download NOTE: Please read this information before installing. Check components received with components listed below. NO DRILLING REQUIRED for installation of these side bars. To obtain correct installation, we recommend you to follow these step by step installation instructions carefully. Please take care when installing this product to protect the finish and your investment. Step 1: Locate left side brackets, 12mm x 120mm Hex Bolts, 12mm Lock washers and 12mm Flat washers. Remove front, center, and rear cab mount bolts located under the cab. Loosely attach brackets to the bottom of the cab mounts with the hardware listed in this step. Step 2: Secure the side bar to the front and rear brackets using the 12mm x 50mm Hex Bolts, Lock washers and Flat Washers provided. Secure the Center Bracket to the Side Bar using 8mm x 25mm Hex Bolts, Lock washers and Flat washers provided. After checking to make sure the sidebar is level and square with the side of the vehicle, completely tighten all hardware. Step 3: Repeat steps one and two on opposite side of vehicle. IMPORTANT: Side Bars have a 350 lb. weight capacity. To protect your investment, wax this product after installing. Regular waxing is recommended to add a protective layer over the finish