Home Auto Repair 1998 Ford F-150/250 Differential Case and Ring Gear—Traction-Lok

1998 Ford F-150/250 Differential Case and Ring Gear—Traction-Lok

Download 1. Remove the differential case (4204); check with Differential Case on this section. 2. NOTE: The differential bearings (4221) need not be eliminated to overhaul the Ford restricted slip differential. If bearing removal is required, use the two-Jaw Puller for Differential Case Bearings. NOTE: The anti-lock velocity sensor ring can’t be reused once removed. Remove the differential pinion shaft lock bolt and take away the differential pinion shaft (4211). If required, take away the ring gear and anti-lock pace sensor ring.3. Set up the Traction-Lok® Torque Tool in an appropriate vise. 4. Install the differential case on the tool. 5. Install the Step Plate Adapter in the bottom aspect gear bore. Apply a small quantity of grease to the centering gap of the Step Plate Adapter. 6. Install the nut in the higher differential facet gear (4236). Maintain the nut in place whereas installing the hex screw. Tighten the hex-head screw until contact is made with the Step Plate Adapter.7. Insert an acceptable dowel bar in the hole of the nut. Tighten the forcing screw to power the differential facet gear away from the differential pinion gears (4215).