Home Auto Repair 1993 Dodge Dakota Ignition Switch Repair Manual

1993 Dodge Dakota Ignition Switch Repair Manual

Download 1993 Dodge Dakota Ignition Switch Repair Manual – 1. 2. 3. 4. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove steering wheel refer to Steering and Suspension/Steering/Steering Wheel/Service and Repair. Remove tilt lever, if equipped. Remove upper and lower covers. 5. 6. 7. Remove ignition switch mounting screws, Torx tool No. TTXR15A2 or equivalent then gently pull switch away from column. Disconnect connector lock on 7 pin terminal wiring connector, then the 4 terminal Switch and Halo light connector. Remove the key cylinder from ignition switch as follows:a. Insert key and place ignition switch in lock position. Using a small screwdriver, depress key cylinder retaining pin flush with key cylinder surface. Rotate key clockwise to Off position. The key cylinder should unseat from the ignition switch assembly. With the key in cylinder in the unseated position, rotate key counterclockwise to the lock position. b. c. d. Remove the key, then the lock cylinder. INSTALLATION Connect wiring connectors to switch. Ensure that lock tabs are fully seated.