Home Auto Repair 2007 Chrysler 300 Propeller Shaft Service Manual

2007 Chrysler 300 Propeller Shaft Service Manual

Download 2007 Chrysler 300 Propeller Shaft Service Manual – Propeller shaft removal is a two-man operation. Never allow propeller shaft to hang from the center bearing, or while only connected to the transmission or rear axle flanges. A helper is required. If a propeller shaft section is hung unsupported, damage may occur to the shaft, coupler, and/or center bearing from over-angulation. This may result in driveline vibrations and/or component failure. Fig. 5: Alignment Marks At Shaft And Flange Fig. 6: Crossmember Fig. 7: Identifying Clamps & Rear Exhaust System. 4. Remove rear exhaust system (2). 5. Remove heat shield (1). 6. Remove propeller shaft front coupler-to-flange bolts. 7. Remove propeller shaft rear coupler-to-flange bolts. 8. Remove center bearing (1) mounting bolts. 9. With the aid of a helper, remove propeller shaft assembly. COUPLER/DAMPER SERVICE 1. Remove three coupler-to-propeller shaft bolt/nuts. 2. Separate coupler (1) and damper (3) (if equipped) from propeller shaft. Note orientation and direction of components. It is imperative that they are properly reinstalled.