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Audi TT Sport Sway Bar Kit Installation Instructions


Download Installation of Hotchkis Front Sway Bar 1. Raising Vehicle Raise front of the vehicle by using a 4 post lift or drive-on ramps. Securely block the rear wheels of the vehicle. Do not remove the front wheels during installation for safety. 2. Observe Orientation Of the Bar Remove the lower splash shield, and observe the location and orientation of the front swaybar. 3. Remove End Links Locate and remove the lower end link nuts from both sides, and push links aside. 4. Remove Engine Mount Locate and remove lower engine mount that attaches to subframe. The engine may want to shift forward which is ok. 5. Remove Exhaust Hanger Use a pry bar to remove the exhaust hanger located behind subframe. 6. Ride Height Sensor Locate the ride height sensor located on the drivers side lower control arm, and remove the nut from the stud that attaches the sensor to the arm. (Be careful, this part can break easily). 7. Sub Frame Support the sub frame with a jack, and locate and remove the 4 sub frame bolts that attach it to the chassis. Lower the jack until the sub frame is at full droop, and slightly pry down until you can access the sway bar bolts. (Don’t worry, it will not fall being that it is still attached to the struts.) 8 Remove the Sway Bar Now remove the sway bar brackets that attach it to the sub frame. The drivers side bracket has a clamp for the power steering lines that must be removed in order to completely remove the bracket.