Home Auto Repair 2002-Up Audi TT Dieselgeek Panzer Plate Installation Instructions

2002-Up Audi TT Dieselgeek Panzer Plate Installation Instructions


Download 1. One (1) aluminum MK4 Panzer skid plate. 2. One (1) custom aluminum mounting bracket with attached 3/8-16 bolts and shoulder nuts. 3. Two (2) stainless steel u-bolt style exhaust clamps with 3/8-16 shoulder nuts. 4. Two (2) 3/8 inch stud retainer discs. 5. Four (4) 10mm or 3/8 inch large fender washer. 6. Three (3) silver 10mm x 30mm zinc plated bolts with 1.50 thread pitch. 7. One (1) factory Audi silver colored rivnut and two factory Audi black rivnuts. 8. One (1) 10 inch long aluminum rivnut tool. Preparing Vertical Side Panels for the Panzer Plate 1. First, on level ground, raise the front of the car evenly. To do this, you may choose to drive the car onto ramps, jack the car up and secure with two jack stands or use a car lift. If using jack stands or ramps be sure to chock the rear wheels and place the car in gear and firmly apply the handbrake. You should also wear safety goggles during this entire procedure. 2. Once the car is safely raised, remove the Original Equipment Audi plastic belly pan if your car still has one. Next, on the driver side, remove the rear T25 Torx screw from the tail end of the plastic vertical engine bay side panel like this (FIGURE 10 – REMOVING THE REAR T25 TORX SCREW). 3. The driver side vertical side panel will also need to have the forward part removed to enable the mounting of the skid plate (FIGURE 12 – REMOVING FORWARD SECTION OF SIDE PANEL).