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'04-08 Citroen C5 Facelift Change To Technical Reference Code

Download ’04-08 Citroen C5 Facelift  Change To Technical Reference Code – Information The condenser fitted to the new Citroen C5 2008>, with technical reference code CA1542, measures 3mm less in width to 817824 (CA1458). Valeo Service can confirm that both condensers are interchangeable. 817824 reference is maintained but technical code CA1458 is replaced by CA1542. New application for 817824 – Citroen New C5 2008 on. The cause of the failure is incorrectly diagnosed as a collapsed/failed bearing, however the real cause of the bearing failure is due to thermal damage caused by a preload fault. When the diaphragm fingers are worn to excess and the bearing face does not have a contact point on the diaphragm fingers, the outer race of the bearing will contact the fingers. This causes the outer race of the bearing to turn, resulting in the carrier becoming hot and subsequently melting. (Image 2). Image 2 Contact with the fingers is made at this point, resulting in thermal bluing. Outer race will turn causing carrier to become hot and subsequently melt. The rear of the bearing will also display evidence of a heavy contact from the release fork seating pads. Heavy impressions can clearly be seen at the point the bearing locates onto the fork. (Image 3) Image 3 Heavy/deep impression from fork pads.