Home Auto Repair 2011 Cadillac DTS Bracket Assembly Installation Instructions

2011 Cadillac DTS Bracket Assembly Installation Instructions


Download 1.2 Bracket Assembly Installation Mount the bracket assembly in the vehicle following the instructions below: Caution: When disassembling/assembling a dash, the plastic is easily cracked, scratched, or broken. Use a suitable protective cover to protect the console area during installation. 1. Remove the radio – A/C trim bezel using a panel tool. (Fig 1A) 2. Remove the (12) 7mm Phillips head screws securing the radio, A/C, and center air vent module to the dash. (Fig 1B) 3. Proceed to section 2 for power instructions. 4. Replace the radio, climate controls, and center air vents. 5. Place the bracket assembly over the (2) passenger side radio screw holes and replace the (12) 7mm Phillips head screws. 6. Replace the radio/climate control trim bezel and route the pigtail between the panels. 2. Power Connections The 12v Constant and Ground sources are located at the 14 pin radio connector. The 12v Ignition source is located at the climate control 18 pin connector. 2.1 12v Constant Using a Blue T-Tap, connect the RED 12v Constant wire to the vehicle 14ga GREEN/TAN wire located at pin #1 in the BLACK 14 pin radio connector. • 15 amp fuse #44, “Radio”, under rear seat 2.2 12v Ignition Using a Red T-Tap (3M), connect the PINK 12v Ignition wire to the vehicle 18ga PINK wire located at pin #18 in the BLACK 18 pin climate control connector. • 10 amp fuse #10, “Climate Control System, Instrument Panel Cluster Ignition 1”, engine compartment