Home Auto Repair MAZDA 3 FRONT SWAY BAR Installation Instructions

MAZDA 3 FRONT SWAY BAR Installation Instructions

Download 1. Loosen the front wheel lug nuts slightly, then raise the car and place on safety stands. NEVER work under a car supported only by a floor jack! Remove the front wheels. 2. Unscrew the one (1) 17mm head securing bolt from both the left and right forward side of the steering rack by using a 30″ extension and universal joint. To access these bolts, guide the socket extension through the openings as shown in Photo A and have an assistant position the socket head onto the bolt. This process allows access to the steering rack bolts and prevents undue stress on the steering column during the following steps. 3. Remove the 17mm head bolt from the bottom of the rear engine mount. See Photo B. 4. Remove the 14mm head nuts which attach the sway bar ends to the end links. See Photo C. 5. Remove the left forward upper subframe bolt (17mm head). Now, re-install the bolt by screwing it in for the first four (4) turns. This allows the maxi- mum safe amount of subframe drop. Repeat this procedure with the right side bolt. See Photo C. NOTE: You do NOT need to support the engine in the following steps.