Home Auto Repair 2010 Kia Soul Stillen Axel-Back Exhaust Repair Manual

2010 Kia Soul Stillen Axel-Back Exhaust Repair Manual

Download 2010 Kia Soul Stillen Axel-Back Exhaust Repair Manual – Note: This system is designed to use the stock hanger locations. Please check the alignment of your OEM system before installation. If the tips of your OEM system are not straight or centered in the rear valance, then the replacement system will also be misaligned. Removal of the O.E.M. system: 1. Park the vehicle on a smooth level asphalt or concrete surface and set the parking brake firmly. Place a block in front of and behind the front wheels. Jack up the rear of the vehicle and place on jack stands under the frame in the manufactures specified locations. Alternatively, it would be best to have the vehicle raised on a hydraulic lift. Warning: Do not work under a vehicle being held up by only a jack. Place jack stands securely under the vehicle in the manufacture-specified location. 2. Spray all the rubber hangers with a spray lubricant to ease removal of the system. See (Fig.1) 3. Remove the 2 nuts at the flange. Pull the muffler out of the hangers. See (Fig.2) 4. Next you will be removing the black cover covering the bumper in order to make the cutout for the exhaust tip. You will be removing various screws holding it on from underneath/backside of the bumper. See (Fig.3) 5. Unbolt the reflectors by removing the screw holding them on.