Home Auto Repair 1990 Audi 100 2.22L 5-CYL TURBO and 2.3L 5-CYL

1990 Audi 100 2.22L 5-CYL TURBO and 2.3L 5-CYL


Download 1) Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove fuel filler tank cap. On all models except 100/200 non-turbo series, remove front grille, bumper and radiator support assembly. Set heater controls to hot and drain cooling system through lower radiator hose. Remove intake air duct. 2) Mark and remove all cooling system hoses. Remove radiator, fan shroud and fan as an assembly. Remove windshield washer reservoir assembly (if necessary). Mark and disconnect electrical connectors and vacuum hoses (as necessary). Leaving hoses attached, remove and secure power steering and A/C compressor (if equipped). Remove alternator with brackets. 3) Disconnect throttle, cruise and kickdown cable (if equipped). Keep fuel lines attached and remove cold start valve, fuel distributor (with air filter housing), control pressure regulator and fuel injectors. Install protector caps and plugs on injectors and cold start valve. Mark and remove distributor cap. 4) Remove crankshaft damper bolt. Remove 2 crankshaft pulley bolts and loosen the other 2 bolts. Tap lightly against 2 loosened bolts to loosen pulley and bolts and pulley.