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2010 Subaru Outback and Legacy Navigation Hacks

Download Control lockout override via grounding of unused e-brake input Rear camera input switch DISCLAIMER: Anyone following these instructions is doing so at their own risk and agrees to not hold me liable for any damage caused as a result of reproducing my experiences that I am documenting here for your reference only. PART 1: REMOVAL OF BEZEL Subaru’s instructions indicate that the bezel can be removed by hand. No one on any message board seems to be able to do this. The solution many have found is to use a trim removal tool. I bought a cheap one at Wal- Mart and quickly found that any small plastic chisel or rubber-coated screwdriver will do. The trick is to get just enough leverage using the tool from inside the vents to pop off the corners. Using your fingers just isn’t quite enough. As you can see, I did use a cheap trim removal tool, but found using the stubbier end worked better for me. Insert any kind of soft (plastic or rubber) tool with a thin edge into the vent and feel for the lip underneath. The hardest part is to get the willpower to give it a good, firm yank towards you. Every time I pulled off another section, I swore it was going to break in half.