Home Auto Repair 1997-2002 FORD F-150 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS KIT #862-863



Download Installation of a Performance Accessories body lift will change the center of gravity and the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Because of the higher center of gravity and larger tires, the vehicle will handle and react differently both on and off road. You must drive it safely! Extreme care must be taken to prevent vehicle rollover or loss of control, which could result in serious injury or death. Avoid sudden sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers and always make sure all vehicle occupants have their seat belts fastened. Get ready to install the kit. 1. Remove the front bumper. a. Measure distance between the front bumper (8) and front fenders (9). Record measurement. b. If so equipped, remove two connectors (10) from fog lamps (11). c. Remove eight panel clips (12) and air flap (13) from front bumper (8) and core support (14). d. Remove four nuts (15) and front bumper (8) from frame (16). 2. Remove the rear bumper. a. Disconnect two license plate lights (17) from the rear bumper (18). b. Remove four nuts (19) and rear bumper (18) from frame (16). 3. Under the hood. a. Remove two screws (20) from radiator shroud (21) and fan shroud (22). b. Remove two screws (23) from from fan shroud (22) and radiator (24).