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Honda/Acura DICE Interface for iPod Installation Guide


Download Honda R2 integration kit Integration kit contents 1 Vehicle specific interface unit 1 Vehicle specific harness (R2) 1 iPod docking cable 1 User manual. Installation should only be performed by a qualified professional. Beware of sharp edges to avoid injury and exercise caution when removing trims as they may break. The module should be placed at an accessible location to allow AUX cable to be connected, such as in the glove box, the center console or under the front seat. 1 Pull vehicle into service bay. 2 Make sure that the radio code is available before disconnecting battery. Disconnect both battery terminals. These cables must be disconnected during installation to ensure proper initialization of the module when it is connected. 3 Pull out the radio by removing surrounding trims and screws to access the CD changer connector. Most trims can be removed by carefully pulling on the piece or using trim removal tools. Trim is usually held in place by snap-in clips. Consult your dealership if additional information is needed on removing the radio. 4 You can access the CD changer connector located on the back of the radio. If the factory CD changer is connected, unplug it and plug the vehicle specific cable into the receptacle. The connector should securely lock.