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Audi Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror – Retro Fit

Download Audi Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror – Retro Fit – recommend you disconnect the battery first, and make sure you ground yourself to the vehicle chassis, as you will be working very close to the Airbag system. 1. First of all remove the centre light surround. 2. Remove the three screws that hold the main body in place, one is behind the sun glasses holder. 3. Remove the main body of the internal light console. And disconnect the main plug, as we will need to fit one of the connections on 4. This the tricky bit, remove the “A” Pillar interior trim. The trick is to get your fingers behind the very top of the trim, once you have two fingers behind the trim, pull quite hard until you see the top clip pop out. There are three in total, don’t be scared to give it some force, as the clips will give. Now you have this piece of trim out, remove the small piece of trim down by the door hinges, along with the fuse cover. The Gearbox wire can to be connected to the following depending if you have an auto of manual transmission. Manual gearbox: 32-pole Gray connector (vehicle on-board control system) by soldering to PIN 9 (backwards signal) Automatic gearbox: