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2003 Chrysler Truck Vehicle Level Engine, Cooling and Exhaust Engine Oil Pump Service and Repair


Download 1. Disconnect negative cable from battery. 2. Remove timing belt . 3. Remove timing belt rear cover. 4. Remove oil pan . Zoom Sized for Print 5. Remove crankshaft sprocket using Special Tools 6793 and C-4685-C2 (Fig. 104). 6. Remove crankshaft key (Fig. 105). 7. Remove oil pick-up tube. 8. Remove oil pump (Fig. 106) and front crankshaft seal . DISASSEMBLY 1. To remove the relief valve, proceed as follows: a. Remove the threaded plug and gasket from the oil pump (Fig. 107). b. Remove spring and relief valve (Fig. 107). 2. Remove oil pump cover fasteners, and lift off cover (Fig. 108). 3. Remove pump rotors (Fig. 108). 4. Wash all parts in a suitable solvent and inspect carefully for damage or wear. CLEANING Clean all parts thoroughly. INSPECTION 1. Inspect the mating surface of the oil pump. Surface should be smooth (Fig. 109). Replace pump cover if scratched or grooved. 2. Lay a straightedge across the pump cover surface (Fig. 110). If a 0.025 mm (0.001 inch) feeler gauge can be inserted between cover and straight edge, cover should be replaced. 3. Measure thickness and diameter of outer rotor. If outer rotor thickness measures 9.40 mm (0.370 inch) or less (Fig. 111), or if the diameter is 79.95 mm (3.148 inch) or less, replace outer rotor. 4. If inner rotor measures 9.40 mm (0.370 inch) or less replace inner rotor (Fig. 112) . ASSEMBLY 1. Assemble pump, using new parts as required. Install the inner rotor with chamfer facing the cast iron oil pump cover . 2. Prime oil pump before installation by filling rotor cavity with engine oil.