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How to Replace the Radiator on a Saturn SW2


The radiator helps the engine in your Saturn SW2 to work at operating temperature by removing heat from the coolant. But if your radiator has suffered internal damage, is badly clogged or beyond repair, you can replace it without the use of special tools. This is an excellent driveway weekend repair job for the average Saturn owner, if you want to keep your SW2 within your maintenance budget and help increase the life of your engine.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench, Large drain pan, Sealable container, Standard screwdriver, Rib joint pliers, Line wrench, if necessary, 2 Plastic sheets, if necessary, 2 rubber bands, if necessary, Ratchet, Socket, Flexible wire, Antifreeze, Distilled water, Clean container

Replace the Radiator

Removing the Radiator