Home Auto Repair 2003-2006 Cadillac CTS Rear Axle Pinion Seal Leak

2003-2006 Cadillac CTS Rear Axle Pinion Seal Leak


Download Condition/Concern: The rear axle pinion seal may experience a fluid leak condition. During seal replacement, the new seal may still leak as work on the vehicle is being completed. It is possible that when replacing the seal, the rear axle lube is seeping through the pinion bearings. The lube then gets past the rubber seal and gets trapped behind the metal “dust shield” before the pinion yoke is installed. When the dealer installs the pinion yoke, the trapped fluid is squeezed out and gives the illusion of a continued leak. Recommendation/Instructions: Inspect the new seal for the presence of the internal “garter” spring and make sure it is there. If not, use a seal that does have it. Also inspect the new seal for metal contamination in the grease used to lube the seal lip. If there is any contamination, discard the seal and use only a debris free seal that is supplied with grease. All stock of the pinion seal at SPO as of March 15th, 2006 has been inspected and should be free of these issues. When replacing the pinion seal, first drain the rear axle fluid. This also helps remove metal contaminants that may be present and may have caused the initial leak condition. Next, remove the leaking seal. Install the new seal and the original yoke. Lastly, refill the rear axle. Performing this repair in this order should prevent the lube from being trapped behind the dust shield. Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step.