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Kia Sorento Crdi Xe & Xs Alarm Repair Manual

Download Kia Sorento Crdi Xe & Xs Alarm Repair Manual – When making the connections as detailed above, the Sorento RHD Wiring Diagram Manual (Pt No A3EE-EG 20A) must be available to confirm that the correct Connector, Pin Number and wire colour is identified before connection takes place. Installation Note: Prior to commencing the installation of the alarm system, ensure that the contents are complete and that you are fully conversant with the splicing and soldering technique shown on the previous pages. Trim Removal L/H (N/S) Kick Well Panel L/H (N/S)Dashboard Side Panel Steering Column Upper Housing R/H (O/S) “A” Post Trim Panel L/H (N/S) “A” Post Trim Panel Remove the two M6 nuts securing the main grommet retaining shroud. Remove the insulating tape from the rubber truncking and the main harness to allow access through the trunking into the grommet. Note: Do NOT include the bonnet switch wire when feeding the alarm harness through the trunking Feeding the alarm harness into the car via the main grommet will require great care as space is restricted. Therefore, tape the end of the alarm harness, including connectors, to a suitable pilot feeder. A stiff coat hanger can be used but you MUST ensure the end to be fed into the grommet is bent over and tapped to prevent damage to the main harness when feeding through the mai 9 grommet.