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1990 Ford High Clutch Effort/Clutch Fluid Leak – Cracked Mount


Download ISSUE Incomplete clutch release and/or hydraulic fluid leaking into the cab from the clutch master cylinder may be caused by the reinforcement plate on the clutch master cylinder separating from the dash panel. The separation of the reinforcement plate reduces the clutch master cylinder pushrod travel. Reinforcement plate separation can also cause deflection of the clutch master cylinder that results in a misalignment of the pushrod to the clutch master cylinder. Misalignment causes the “O” ring in front of the secondary seal to leak hydraulic fluid. ACTION Inspect the truck and, if necessary, use the following service procedure to install a reinforcement kit. INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. If the truck is a 1988 or later model, confirm that the starter interlock switch operates (the engine can be started) with the clutch pedal at least 0.5″ (12.7 mm) from the floor. 2. Test drive the truck and check for good clutch release. There should be no grinding of the gears, particularly when shifting from neutral to reverse gear. 3. If the truck passes these tests, go to the Small Reinforcement Installation Procedure Section of this article. 4. If either of the above conditions are not met, check the hydraulic system for air. Refer to the Suggested Bleeding Procedure at the end of this article. 5. Test drive the truck and check for improved clutch release. 6. If there is no improvement, proceed as follows: