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Instructions Modified Valve Body Toyota RWD

Download Automatic transmissions operate at temperatures that can exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit, we strongly recommend that you let your vehicle cool down before beginning this operation. If at any time during the process you reach a step that you don’t understand, call us for product support. 1) Securely raise vehicle and remove transmission pan. 2) Remove filter, being careful not to misplace the filter gaskets 3) Straighten harness retaining tabs (if applicable) and then remove clips and separate internal trans harness from and solenoid assemblies. Note: often times, the plastic connectors are brittle from age. A heat gun, used in moderation, will serve to enable you to remove the connectors without damaging them. 4) Remove tubes and disconnect throttle cable (if applicable).Remove all but one of the valve body to case bolts (see illustration). Do not remove the gold colored bolt that retains the detent spring (see illustration 2). 5) Carefully begin loosening the remaining bolt and lower the valve body from the vehicle, at this point, several springs and a check valve will fall down with the valve body.