Home Auto Repair 2004-2006 Acura TL Supercharger Installation Instructions

2004-2006 Acura TL Supercharger Installation Instructions


Download • Jack up and support the front of the car with jack stands. • Drain coolant from the radiator (make sure engine is cooled down). • Remove the plastic engine covers. • Remove the front bulkhead cover by removing the clips. • Make sure to keep all of the parts, they will be reused. The Comptech Supercharger comes complete with all parts shown in parts drawing. Please take a minute before starting installation and check that parts in box match “Supercharger Check List” provided in kit. Each blower kit is checked twice for completeness before leaving Comptech, but in case something was not included, please notify us before starting installation. Sales/technical support: 916.933.1080 3 Step #3 Intake/Throttle Body/Battery Removal: • Remove the upper air cleaner assembly (C ) by removing the (2) bolts (A) and disconnecting the clips (B). • Disconnect the battery cables, remove the battery hold down bracket and remove the battery. • Remove the resonator by removing the cover (B), removing the bolts (A), then removing all of the stock resonator pieces. • Remove the battery tray (B), by removing the bolts (bolts will be reused) and disconnecting the clip (A). • Remove the Map sensor from the throttle body (the screw, o- ring and sensor will be reused). • Disconnect the water hoses and electrical connectors from the throttle body. Make sure to mark the connections. • Remove the throttle body from the manifold. Save the hardware, it will be reused.