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How to Replace a Wheel Stud on a Saturn VUE


If you find that a wheel stud broke on your SUV, it needs immediate attention. In order to replace the wheel stud on your Saturn VUE, you need some mechanical ability to remove the brakes, a good memory to replace the items exactly as you removed them and some brute strength to pound the stud out of the hub.

Tools Used: Tools, Jack, lug wrench and jack tools, Blocks, Replacement stud, Vise-grips, Open end wrench, Crescent wrench, Dead blow hammer or heavy mallet, Extra wheel bolts and wheel nuts, Impact wrench (if available) or 1/2-inch long handled drive socket wrench

Replace Wheel Stud

Purchase a new stud. If you aren’t sure of the size, wait until you take the old one out and take it to the store with you to get just the right size to replace the stud in your VUE.