Home Auto Repair 2015 ACG Hummer H3 Golf Car Quick Reference Guide

2015 ACG Hummer H3 Golf Car Quick Reference Guide


Download 2015 ACG Hummer H3 Golf Car Quick Reference Guide – This Quick Reference Guide is a summary of basic vehicle operations. It contains brief descriptions of fundamental operations so you can locate and use the vehicle’s main equipment quickly and easily. The Quick Reference Guide is not intended as a substitute for the Owner’s Manual. Instrument panel & Main controls Instrument cluster Battery Percent Charge Information on SEVCON Display The Battery charge level indicates the relative state of charge of the Traction Battery and NOT the remaining driving range of the vehicle. Its algorithm is based on the PEAK Traction Battery Pack Voltage, which in turn calculates the APPROXIMATE charge of the Traction Battery… Vehicle maintenance NOTE: Regularly scheduled maintenance will help extend the service life of your vehicle and maintain its safety and performance. Please refer to the “Warranty Maintenance Guide.” Drive Direction Switch * The Drive Direction Switch must be in “N” and the brake pedal depressed before the Main Key Switch is turned “ON”. After the Display energizes and shows “N” rotate the switch to FORWARD travel or to REVERSE. Lights & turn signals Headlights & Taillights – Fog Lights Hazard Warning Flashers The Hazard Warning Flasher Switch activates both Turn Signals to provide “Hazard Warning” by flashing both Right and Left as well as Front and Rear Turn Signals at the same time.