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2000 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shock Extension Removal


Download 2000 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shock Extension Removal and Installation KIT INSTALLATION 1. JACKING, SUPPORTING, AND PREPARING THE VEHICLE a. Block the front wheels of the vehicle with appropriate wheel chocks. Make sure the vehicle’s transmission is in “Park” (automatic) or 1st gear (manual). Activate the parking brake. b. Using a properly rated floor jack, lift the rear of the vehicle off the ground. Lift the vehicle so that the rear tires are approximately 6-8 inches off the ground surface. c. Support the vehicle using two (2) support stands, rated for the vehicle’s weight. The stands should be positioned, one on each of the frame rails. Prior to lowering the vehicle onto stands, make sure the supports will securely contact the straight, flat portions of the frame rails. d. It is very important that the vehicle is properly supported during this installation to prevent frame damage and personal injury! Make sure that the support stands are properly placed prior to performing the following procedures. e. Slowly lower the vehicle onto the stands and, before placing the vehicle’s weight on them, again check that they properly and securely contact the frame rails as described above. Check for possible interference with any lines, wires, or cables. ! SAFETY REMINDER : Check for safe vehicle stability before proceeding under the vehicle to begin the following procedures. Never work under a vehicle supported by only a jack. Always use properly rated support stands to support the vehicle.