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Chevy Tahoe Hanger and Shackle Removal and Installation


Download 1995–1999 Chevy Tahoe Hanger And Shackle Removal And Installation KIT INSTALLATION 1. Open the hardware kit and remove all of the contents. Refer to the part list (Page 4) to verify that all parts are present. 2. Park the vehicle on a smooth, level concrete or seasoned asphalt surface and activate the parking brake. Block the FRONT wheels of the vehicle with appropriate wheel chocks; making sure the vehicle’s transmission is in 1st gear (manual) or “Park” (automatic). 3. Using a properly rated floor jack, lift the rear wheels of the vehicle off the ground. Place support stands, rated for the vehicle’s weight, and in the factory specified locations. Refer to the vehicle Owner’s Manual. Prior to lowering the vehicle onto the stands, make sure the supports will securely contact the chassis. 4. It is very important that the vehicle is properly supported during this installation to prevent personal injury and chassis damage! Make sure that the supports stands are properly placed prior to performing the following procedures. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using wheel ramps while performing this installation. 5. Block the front wheel and with a floor jack rated for this load, raise the rear of the vehicle by lifting under the center of the rear axle housing. Position jack stands rated for the load under the chassis side rails just forward of the rear leaf spring pack forward hangers. Lower the vehicle down onto the jack stands and check for vehicle stability while the floor jack is still under the rear axle housing.