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Chevrolet Performer Center Bolt Aluminum Cylinder Heads


Download SPARK PLUGS: Use 14mm x 3/4″ reach gasketed spark plugs. Heat range may vary by application, but we recommend Champion RC-12YC (or equivalent) for most applications .Use anti-seize on the plug threads to prevent galling in the cylinder head,and torque to 10 ft./lbs. Do not overtighten sparkplugs! IGNITION TIMING: To meet required emission levels, the following tim-ing specifications should be used: #6085 – 8° B.T.D.C. Follow factory procedures to change ignition timing.Note that the computer must be disconnected to set timing INSTALLATION Installation is the same as for original equipment cylinder heads. Consult service manual for specific procedures, if necessary. For 350 and smaller engines use Fel-Pro head gasket #1003. #1003 has a flat – tened steel O-ring around each bore and will provide an excellent, long lasting seal.However, it will compress the aluminum and you must use #1003 for subsequent gasket changes to get a good seal. For 400c.i.d.small-blocks, use Fel-Pro #1014. YOU MUST DRILL “STEAM HOLES” IN CYLINDER HEADS FOR 400 ENGINES (see Figure 2).Besure that the surface of the block and the surface of the head is thor-oughly cleaned to remove any oily film before installation.Use alcoholor lacquer thinner on a lint-free rag to clean.Apply Edelbrock Gasga-cinch or suitable thread sealer to head bolt threads . Torque to 65 ft./lbs. in three steps (40-55-65) following the factory tightening sequence (see Figure 1).