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Chevrolet Suburbans Performer Multi-Point Efi System


Download INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS1. Disconnect negative battery cable. 2. Drain coolant. 3. Remove air cleaner assembly. 4. Label all lines, wires, and connections with masking tape before disassembly to aid in re- assembly. Disconnect all throttle cables and accessories, disconnect all vacuum lines to throttle body. Disconnect both fuel lines at rear of throttle body. Be careful of line pressure. Remove 3 throttle body mounting bolts and remove throttle body. 5. Remove top radiator hose, remove thermostat housing and thermostat. NOTE: Ground wires may be located on thermostat mounting bolt. It is important to note the location of all ground wires so they can be put back exactly as they were. NOTE: Canister purge solenoid (if used) mounts to thermostat mounting bolts. 6. Disconnect vacuum fitting for power brake booster from intake manifold. 7. Remove plug wires from top of distributor cap. Make note of location of each wire. Remove distributor cap. Before removal of distributor note location of distributor body and also note location of the ignition rotor by marking distributor body with a felt tip marker. Loosen distributor clamp and remove distributor. 8. Remove ignition coil brackets and the intake mounting bolts. Note the location of mounting bolts that are studs to reinstall in same location (same goes for all brackets).