Home Auto Repair 99+ Chevrolet Silverado Stabilizer Bar Removal and Installation

99+ Chevrolet Silverado Stabilizer Bar Removal and Installation


Download FRONT SWAY BAR REMOVAL 1. Remove skid plate if present 2. Remove end links from each side of the vehicle. 3. Support the stock sway bar and remove the brackets that attach the bar to the frame. 4. Remove the bar. Installation of New Hotchkis Bar 1. Spread a light coat of supplied grease onto the frame mount bushings I.D. and install on the bar with the slit side of the bushing facing to the front. Install the brackets over the bushings. 2. Attach the front sway bar brackets and bar. Torque to 20ft. lbs. 3. Install the supplied end links. Torque to 13ft. lbs. REAR INSTALLATION INSTUCTIONS 1. Installation of this rear sway may require the partial removal of the fuel tank. Hotchkis Performance recommends that the fuel tank be as empty as possible. 2. Raise the rear of the vehicle and place it on jack stands (not required but helpful) 3. To determine if the fuel tank needs to be moved, locate the section of the rear frame rail where the frame mount will be located (on the driver’s side). If you are able to place the supplied nut plate into the interior of the frame rail than proceed to step 7. 4. Build a support stand for the fuel tank using floor jacks or jack stands and some 2 X 4s. This support stand will allow the tank support straps to be removed and the tank to be moved toward the passenger side of the vehicle. 5. Open the gas filler door on the body and remove the 2 upper Torx bolts and the lower plastic fastener.