Home Auto Repair 2007-on Buick Enclave Airbag Steering Wheel Replacement

2007-on Buick Enclave Airbag Steering Wheel Replacement


Download REMOVING THE STEERING WHEEL FROM THE VEHICLE 1. Disconnect the wheel switch wiring harness at the column connector. Do not pull excessively on the connector or clockspring mechanism and do not turn the clockspring now or at any time during the remainder of the installation. 2. Loosen the steering wheel retainer nut until 2 or 3 threads are left engaged. Wiggle (rock) the steering wheel back and forth while pulling upward until it disengages from the shaft, and then remove the retainer nut and wheel from the vehicle. 3. Unplug the connector from the right side of the zinc plated horn mechanism (this connector usually has a pinkish colored insulator. Loosen the 4 #T-30 Torx screws holding this horn mechanism to the wheel. When the screws are loose lift this entire mechanism out of the wheel. 4. Remove the 4 small #T-15 Torx screws holding the copper horn contacts to the plastic trim and then separate the contacts from the trim piece. 5. If your wheel has switch(s) located on the side(s) of the wheel you will need to disconnect the harness at each switch. To do this you must first push the wires out of the small plastic retaining band located just below where the connector plugs into the switch. Just slide the wires out from under the band (it is open toward the top of the wheel) then push the release tab and pull the connector loose from the switch.