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How to Change the Rear Tire on a Suzuki GS500


Replacing a worn-out rear tire on a Suzuki GS500 is a valuable skill every motorcyclist should possess. To most people, changing a rear tire can appear difficult, as the rear wheel must be removed from the motorcycle’s rear end before the tire can be attended to. While a few specialized tools are required for the task, your GS500’s center stand is one of the most vital, allowing the rear wheel to be lifted off of the ground without the aid of a jack. Expect the task to take at least one hour to complete properly.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket wrench, 12, 14 and 22 mm sockets, 10mm wrench, Wood blocks, Schrader valve tool, Bead breaking tool, Tire irons, Replacement tire, Air compressor

Change the Rear Tire

Select a level surface to park the motorcycle and lower it onto its kick stand. Remove the cotter pin from the left side of the rear axle with pliers.