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How to Remove a Floats on a Suzuki GS500


Removing the floats on your Suzuki GS500 is the most effective way to diagnose fuel level problems. The floats are responsible for maintaining a constant level of fuel inside the float bowl, and poorly functioning floats can have a detrimental impact on your motorcycle’s performance. If you are experiencing poor jetting, locating and removing the floats can help you decide if you need to re-jet your carburetor or if your motorcycle’s problem can be resolved by a simple inspection and cleaning.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench, Screwdriver, Towels, Socket

Remove a Floats

Remove the seat by removing the two bolts and two screws located under the seat cover. Remove the gas tank by unbolting the two bolts holding the tank on. Tilt the tank back, then turn off the fuel petcock located under the seat with a screwdriver.