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How to Improve the Front Brakes on a Suzuki M50


Over the years, some Suzuki M50 Boulevard cruiser riders have criticized the M50’s single-disc front brake for not being up to the task of slowing the 584 lbs. machine effectively. Admittedly, looking at the 300 mm brake rotor and the twin piston caliper attached to the right fork leg, it’s easy to be critical when you compare it to the rest of the motorcycle. Improving the front brake’s performance, however, can be accomplished with the addition of a few extra parts and regular maintenance.

Tools Used: Tools, Organic Kevlar brake pads, Socket wrench and sockets, Phillips head screwdriver, Braided, stainless steel brake line, Container, Brake fluid, Clear plastic tubing, Wrench set

Improve the Front Brakes

Replace the front brake pads with new pads made of high-performance organic Kevlar braking compounds to improve the caliper’s “grip” on the brake rotor.