Home Auto Repair 2005-2007 Chevrolet Montana Rocker Panel Replacement

2005-2007 Chevrolet Montana Rocker Panel Replacement


Download Removal Procedure Caution Refer to Approved Equipment for Collision Repair Caution in Cautions and Notices. 1. Disable the SIR system. Refer to SIR Disabling and Enabling Zones in SIR. 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnect/Connect Procedure in Engine Electrical. 3. Remove all related panels and components. 4. Restore as much of the damage as possible to factory specifications. Refer to Dimensions – Body . Caution Refer to Foam Sound Deadeners Caution in Cautions and Notices. 5. Note the location and remove the sealers and anti-corrosion materials from the repair area, as necessary. Refer to Anti-Corrosion Treatment and Repair in Paint and Coatings. 6. Remove the lower quarter panel. Refer to Quarter Panel Replacement – Lower. 7. Cut the panel where sectioning is to be performed. 8. Locate and drill out all factory welds. Note the number and location of the welds for installation of the service part. Installation Procedure 1. Cut the replacement rocker panel section in corresponding locations to fit the original panel. The sectioning joint should be trimmed to allow 1.5 time the metal thickness at the sectioning joint. 2. Create a 100 mm (4 in) backing plate (A) from the unused portion (B) of the service part. Trim the backing plate as necessary to fit behind the sectioning joint where there is no reinforcement.