Home Auto Repair 1972-1974 Chevrolet LUV Drive Axles Removal and Installation

1972-1974 Chevrolet LUV Drive Axles Removal and Installation


Download AXLE SHAFTS & BEARINGS r/_ I Removal – Raise vehicle and remove wheel and tire 4U-J02 assembly. Remove brake drum, brake shoes, and disconnect parking brake inner cable. Disconnect brake line from wheel AXLE SHAFT ASSEMBLY 2) To reassemble, install bearing outer race and grease seal into bearing holder using suitable drivers. Apply wheel bear-ing grease to bearing holder, rear axle tube, and bearing in-ner race. Insert the four through bolts into backing plate, then install bearing holder to backing plate, making sure oil seal side of bearing holder is against backing plate. Place backing plate assembly over axle shaft, position bearing over axle shaft and press into bearing holder. Install new lock washer with dished side away from bearing, and thread lock nut onto shaft. Place lock nut between vise jaws, and using tool used during disassembly, tighten lock nut securely. Bend over por-tion of lock washer opposite to locating tab to prevent lock nut from turning. Installation – 1) if both axle shafts were removed, insert a.079 (2 mm) shim between bearing holder and axle tube flange of first axle shaft to be installed. Insert shaft into axle tube and install and tighten bearing holder-to-flange bolts. For the second axle shaft (or if only one shaft was removed), insert shaft without shims into axle tube until it comes into con-tact with thrust block in differential.