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Chevrolet LUV Disc Brake Swap Removal and Installation


Download Aside from some cosmetic changes, the ’75 and ’76 are similar in stock form. But get behind the wheel of each, and you’ll notice a big difference in stopping power. Although the stock drum brakes are among the best drum brakes I have used, they simply aren’t as good as the discs for consistent all-weather-stoppingand ease of maintenance. For those of you with engine upgrades, disc brakes up front are even more important. Stuck Lug Nut First we raise the front and support it securely with jack stands, chock the rear tires, and then remove the front tires. Hopefully you don’t get “lucky” like I did and find out that someone cross-threaded your lug nut for you. After exhausting all other options, I had to cut the nut off with a die-grinder. One hour later, I was finally able to remove the tire. Final View of Stock Drums At this point you can choose to leave the spindles on the truck and just replace the brake parts, or do like I did and replace the whole spindle. I chose to replace the entire spindle because I couldn’t remove my brake drums. They were grooved so badly that the shoes were holding them on and they were rusted to the hubs. To remove the whole spindle, the upper and lower ball joints have to be removed, as well as the outer tie – rod ends. If you would rather just change the brake parts and leave the spindles, you’ll need to remove the drums, the brakes and brake hardware, the hub and bearings, and finally the backing plate.