Home Auto Repair Chevrolet Luv Pickup 4 Cylinder Engines Removal & Installation

Chevrolet Luv Pickup 4 Cylinder Engines Removal & Installation


Download ENGINE IDENTIFICATION Engine number is located in casting on right upper center por-tion of cylinder head. ENGINE REMOVAL I) Disconnect battery cables, drain crankcase and cooling system. Disconnect carburetor linkage, all necessary water and fuel hoses, vacuum lines, and electrical leads. Also disconnect exhaust pipe at manifold flange. Remove radiator. 2) Disconnect drive shaft at differential and remove from transmission. Install plug in transmission tailshaft or drain oil. Disconnect clutch slave cylinder, and speedometer cable at transmission. Remove exhaust pipe bracket from clutch hous-ing. Disconnect shift linkage and remove gearshift lever assembly. Connect a suitable hoist to engine lift hangers and lift engine slightly. Remove front and rear engine mounts. Remove engine and transmission as an assembly. Carefully hoist engine and check that all components have been dis-connected. To install engine, reverse removal procedure. INTAKE & EXHAUST MANIFOLD REMOVAL 1) Remove air cleaner and carburetor. Disconnect PCV valve, power brake vacuum line and exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold. Note for reinstallation position of lifting hanger. 2) Remove nuts, lock washers and flat washers holding manifolds to cylinder head. Slide manifolds off together. Once off, manifolds can be separated by removing exhaust manifold mounting studs. To install, reverse removal procedure.