Home Auto Repair 2006 and Up Chevrolet HHR Short Shifter Installation Manual

2006 and Up Chevrolet HHR Short Shifter Installation Manual


Download 1. Remove the stock shift knob by rotating the black ring at the top of the boot about ¼ to ½ turn while pulling down. Lift up on the shift knob to remove from the shaft. This requires some effort as it is a friction fit and there are small white tabs at the bottom of the shift knob that rest in a groove. A small screwdriver may be used to assist in releasing the shift knob while puling it up. Pull up to free the tabs and remove the shift knob. The image to the left shows the shift knob removed from the shifter shaft. 2. Remove the shift boot by placing your fingers under the rear lip and pulling up to free it. Now pull the boot ring back slightly to completely release the shift boot base and remove it from the car. Put in a safe place for re-installation later. 3. Remove the electric window control cover by placing your fingers under the rear of the silver cover and pushing up as shown to the left. While doing this, use a small screwdriver to gently push the retainer clip down to release the two catches for the rear of the cover. There are also two catches holding the top of the colored plate, one on each corner. Place a small pry tool such as a screwdriver between the colored plate and the black center console cover and gently pry apart. 4. Remove the top of the center console cover by removing the two screws on each top corner of the cover with a 7mm socket and ratchet with an extension or a 7mm nut driver as pictured.