Home Auto Repair 1997-2005 Chevrolet Venture Removal/Install Of Window Regulator

1997-2005 Chevrolet Venture Removal/Install Of Window Regulator


Download Removal Instructions CAUTION: Do not attempt to remove the window lift motor without Releasing the counter balance (coil spring) spring tensioner. The window Regulator is under a large amount of tension from the counter balance Spring tensioner. Failure to release the tension can result in personal injury And also property damage. STEP 1: Remove screws from the interior door trim panel. STEP 2: Remove the master switch assembly by using either your plastic pry tool or a flat-bladed screwdriver. STEP 3: Using your door trim panel removal tool, release the door trim panel retainers from the door. STEP 4: Remove the water shield barrier from the door. STEP 3a: Using either the saddle cup assembly, tape, or wedge, attach to the door glass to prevent the glass from falling. IMPORTANT: Using your grease pencil or marker, draw a line across the counterbalance spring tensioner through the center to help with the alignment during the installation process. STEP 5: Using the GM door module coil spring tool #J38864, release the tension from the counterbalance spring tensioner. Failure to do so could result in personal injury and property damage. STEP 6: Disconnect the electrical connector at the window lift motor. STEP 6a: Remove the wiring harness from the window regulator module assembly. STEP 7: Remove the speaker using a 10mm socket. STEP 7a: Disconnect the speaker assembly and remove.