Home Auto Repair 2006 – 2009 Chevrolet HHR Right of the Radio Installation

2006 – 2009 Chevrolet HHR Right of the Radio Installation


Download DASH DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION 1. Begin installaion by removing the rubber insert from the tray below the window controls on the center console. Use either a Dash Trim Tool (SIT-104) or a Hook Tool (SIT-103) to remove the exposed tray. Do this by isnerting either tool into the small slots in the front of the tray. Release one clip, and then repeat on the other side. Continue by removing the tray by releasing two more clips towards the top. Do this by pulling straight out away from the dash. 2. Continue by removing the two horizonal 9/32” screws with a socket and driver. Set these two screws aside in a safe place. Remove the trim bezel that surronds the shifter by using the Dash Trim Tool. Set this trim bezel aside. Apply parking brake to secure vehicle, and place transmission in neutral. Continue by removing the complete bezel that surrounds the shifter. There is no need to disconnect any wiring from this bezel. Let it hang out of the way. 3. With Dash Trim Tool, release the clips that scure the dash bezel that surrounds the radio and climate control. There is a total of eight (8) clips that secure this bezel. Release all clips and move bezel away from the dash just far enough to gain access to the upper right phillips screw that secures the radio. Remove this screw and set aside. 4. Skip to Step 6 on the following page if you have not yet formed the bracket to fit your vehicle.