Home Auto Repair How to Install the Recaro Seats on a Toyota Corolla

How to Install the Recaro Seats on a Toyota Corolla


Recaro is a European company that makes aftermarket seats as well as sport seats for car manufacturers. Recaros generally provide more aggressive bolstering, so they tend to hold the occupants in more effectively during aggressive cornering. If your Corolla has been modified for performance, particularly in the handling, than installing a set of seats such as Recaros is a great way to add enjoyment to the driving experience. Installing Recaros is a straightforward process with the proper Corolla adapter. Though some individuals make their own adapters, this is not recommended due to safety considerations.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket set and ratchet, Allen wrenches, Recaro Corolla seat adapters

Install the Recaro Seats

Remove the stock Corolla seats. The seats are held in with four bolts, two in the front and two in the back that hold the base of the seat to the floor boards.