Home Auto Repair 2007 Honda CRV Grille Guard Manual Installation Instructions

2007 Honda CRV Grille Guard Manual Installation Instructions


Download PARTS LIST: 1 Grille Guard 2 10-1.50mm x 25mm Hex Head Bolts 1 Passenger Side Mounting Bracket (A) 8 10mm Thick Flat Washers 1 Driver Side Mounting Bracket (D) 4 10mm Nylock Nuts 1 Passenger Side Top Bracket (B) 2 10mm Nut Plates 1 Driver Side Top Bracket (C) 2 10-1.50mm x 35mm Hex Head Bolts 2 8-1.25mm x 25mm Hex Head Bolts 4 12-1.75mm x 30mm Hex Head Bolts 4 8mm Thick Flat Washers 8 12mm Thick Flat Washers 2 8mm Nylock Nut 4 12mm Nylock Nuts 2 10-1.50mm x 25mm Allen Bolts PROCEDURE: 1. REMOVE CONTENTS FROM BOX. VERIFY ALL PARTS ARE PRESENT. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 2. Using a flat screwdriver carefully remove all fasteners from factory plastic shroud on top and underneath the vehicle. On the bottom there are (4) on the front and (3) on each side by the fender. On the top there are (7) fasteners. 3. Remove bottom plastic shroud and place it on a working area. Using a hack saw carefully cut the marked area shown in Figure 1. 4. Re-install the bottom factory plastic shroud with original fasteners. NOTE: Do not install the two fasteners shown in Figure 1. 5. Slide Passenger Side Mounting Bracket through the previously cut out slot on the plastic shroud and position bracket to its mounting location (Figure 2). NOTE: