Home Auto Repair 2004-2008 Honda CRF450X Kickstand Manual Installation Instructions

2004-2008 Honda CRF450X Kickstand Manual Installation Instructions


Download To install your new kickstand: 1. Remove the left foot peg and bracket and existing foot peg/kickstand bracket from the frame. 2. Install the kickstand using the new bracket and using the stock bolts. We recommend using a removable thread-locking agent on the bolts. Check for any interference between the kickstand mount and any welds on the frame. If necessary file the bracket to allow for proper fit. 3. Make sure that you tighten the foot peg bracket bolts to the correct torque specification. 4. Re-install the foot peg. 5. Periodically check the foot peg mounting bolts and kickstand pivot bolt for tightness. CRF450X SPECIFIC NOTE: The Pro Moto Billet kickstand for the CRF-X is designed to have slight contact with the left numberplate/sidepanel when the kickstand is in the up position. This is to allow clearance for the swingarm and chain at full compression of the suspension. If desired, the sidepanel lip can be trimmed flush with a knife or a small grinder to provide additional clearance and prevent marring the finish of your kickstand. Maintenance: Clean and lubricate the kickstand pivot area after each ride! We recommend using a penetrating lube, such as WD-40. If necessary, you can remove the back cover plate for additional cleaning.