Home Auto Repair Honda GL1800 Kit Installation Instructions

Honda GL1800 Kit Installation Instructions


Download Quick Start Instruction: STEP #1 Remove the left side panel & seat. STEP #2 Mount the socket. STEP #3 Route wires starting at the battery and up to the front of bike finishing at the bracket. STEP #4 Look over your work. STEP #5 Attach the wires to the socket and test. STEP #6 Put everything you took off back on. Detailed Instruction: STEP #1 – Remove the seat. See the Honda service manual. STEP #2 – Drill a 18mm hole into the front panel as shown [A]. (11/16″ hole saw recommended and is available on our site). The hole must be a slip fit for the socket. If the hole is too small open it with emery cloth or a file. Attach the socket to the panel; put a dab of Silicone on the socket and jam nut after assembly. Important: Do NOT use Loctite or over-tighten. STEP #3 – Next remove the negative battery connection, followed by the positive battery connection. Slip the red wire under the red battery boot [C]. You may need to trim the red boot to accommodate the added wire. Connect the red wire to the battery posts as follows: RED WIRE = BATTERY POSITIVE Tuck the fuse holder into a cavity behind the plus terminal of the battery . Ty- wrap the fuse holder to the nearby wiring.