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How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket on Toyota Tacoma


Your Toyota 2001 through 2005 Toyota Tacoma is designed for both on the road and off road enjoyment. Proper maintenance and upkeep is required to keep the level of performance up on your Tacoma. One form of this required maintenance is to replace the valve cover gasket.

Tools Used: Tools, Valve cover gasket, Valve cover gasket kit, 9/16 mm wrench

Replace Valve Cover Gasket

Visit your local automotive parts store and purchase your supplies. Select a location that permits maintenance to be performed. Allow the car engine to cool for several hours. Lift the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the coolant from the engine. Remove the v-bank cover and the assembly for the air cleaner. Disconnect the throttle body with motor connector, the two water bypass hoses, the ventilation hose, the fuel vapor feed hose, and the two VSV connectors.