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Cadillac CTS-V Ultimate Short Shifter Installation Instructions


Download INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: Removing the shift knob, boot, and foam inner liner (performed inside of car.) Remove the shift knob and leather boot From within the car: the knob is attached to the boot, so it will not come off completely but must be separated from the shift lever. Pull the knob straight up (do not twist), and then lift up on the shift boot, prying it off the console with your hands by pulling on either side of it to release the clips holding it down. Underneath the leather shift boot is a foam insulator. Remove this piece by pulling it up from one corner. Note the orientation of this piece when removing to ensure correct re-installation. Identify and remove two bolts as indicated in pictures below. Remove foam liner. Remove these two bolts. Disconnect driveshaft from transmission by removing three bolts at flex disk as indicated: Lower driveshaft center support by removing two bolts as indicated: Disconnect shifter’s lower pivot from selector rod (linkage) by removing the connecting bolts. Use a hex key on one side and a wrench or socket on the other (left and right views shown below): Support transmission with transmission jack, remove six retaining bolts and lower transmission for additional clearance. Remove retaining clips on either side of black meta l shifter carrier. Note that these parts are a combination pin and clip and must first be pried up and then slid out sideways (each side to outside of car). Remove shifter carrier by pulling toward rear of car and rotating around to the passenger side.