Home Auto Repair 2001–2006 Chrysler Sebring Window Regulator Removal/Installation

2001–2006 Chrysler Sebring Window Regulator Removal/Installation


Download Removal Instructions STEP 1: Remove the door trim panel retaining screws. It will be necessary to use a pick or a small flat-blade screwdriver to remove the decorative screw covers (see photos for reference).STEP 2: Using your trim panel removal tool, place behind the interior door trim panel and gently pry until you release the door trim panel from the door. STEP 3: Lift the interior door trim panel up and away from the door. STEP 4: With the door trim panel still semi- attached, disconnect the power door lock switch assembly. STEP 4a: Disconnect the door handle latch rod from the interior door handle assembly by pulling in an upward motion. NOTE: Use caution when removing the latch rod from the handle, the plastic is very fragile and will break if you use too much pressure. STEP 5: Disconnect the master power switch assembly. STEP 6: Disconnect the power mirror switch, if so equipped. STEP 7: Remove the interior door trim panel. STEP 8: Remove the four (4) speaker attaching screws and remove the speaker from the door. STEP 9: Remove the water vapor barrier from the door. STEP 10: Disconnect the door latch harness from the power door latch. STEP 11: Temporarily install the master power switch assembly to lower the window glass to expose the window glass mounting attachment bolts. STEP 12: Manually slide the window glass into position and use either a saddle cup assembly, painter’s tape, or wedge. STEP 13: Disconnect the window lift motor connector. STEP 14: Remove the window regulator mounting hardware.