Home Auto Repair Ford F550 Cab Chassis Telma AD50-90 with TRCM Installation Manual

Ford F550 Cab Chassis Telma AD50-90 with TRCM Installation Manual


Download • Remove any bolts that will interfere with the chassis bracket mounting • Drill a 1/2” reference hole in each frame at dimension T1 from the outside top of each frame rail and dimension CC from the transmission u-joint center or dimension BOC from the back of the cab indicated on the installation drawing. • Align the reference hole of the chassis bracket (TIB05155 left side bracket / TIB05056 right side bracket) with the reference hole in the frame and assemble using the ½”-20UNF x 1.75” flanged bolt (TIF05031) and ½”-20UNF flanged nut (TIF05032) included in the kit. • Rotate the bracket to the angle specified on the installation drawing and tighten the ½” reference bolt of each bracket to 100 lb-ft (± 10%). Note: Use an electronic angle meter with 0.1° accuracy (e.g. SPI Pro 360 digital protractor). Calibrate the angle meter using the frame rail to set an alternate reference so that all angles measured are with frame reference of 0°. In order to maintain calibration, do not rotate the angle meter in the horizontal plane after calibration. • Drill four 9/16” holes in each chassis bracket and frame rail evenly distributed across the chassis bracket using existing holes when possible. Keep away from fuel and brake lines and secure with the 9/16”-12UNC x 2 ½” bolts (TIF03002), 9/16”-12UNC nuts (TIF03003), and 9/16” G8 lock washers (TIF03005) included in the kit. Tighten to 150 lb-ft (±10%).